We just love dogs (and cats, rabbits, horses, and....)

Our homes have always had pets and always will. And like you, a house (or car) full of hair - or a smelly dog - isn't something we consider a "benefit" of having a pet!

Dave Hachey came up with the Animazing bathing system while trying to get the family’s big smelly Newfoundland clean and odour free. Dave found that after a thorough bath, the dog would smell and look better but, after only a few days, the masking effect of the shampoo would wear off and the odour would return. He realized it was the thick dense coat of the dog preventing him from working shampoo down into the coat to the skin.

After much thought he came up with the idea of creating wash nozzles that were like a comb and would go down to the animal's skin where the dirt was, and then spray. By combining the comb-like washing system with a wet vacuum, we have an all inclusive bathing system that cleans better, uses less water, and eliminate the mess associated with traditional bathing.

Founded in January 2005, Anivac has risen from being a sensational idea to being one of the world's leading cleaning systems for animals!


Interested in working with us? Drop off your resume and references at our Kitchener or Waterloo store. We occasionally take high school co-op students too!

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