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 We have three spa packages:

Package One: Bath Only - All Locations - walk-in service

Your pet is fully bathed including cleaning eyes, ears, and bum. Then we vacuum, chamois and blow off the excess water (so you're not going home with a dripping wet pet). First come first served.  

Note: for the safety of your pet this service is not available during winter

Package Two: Full Bath, Dry, Brush, De-Shed and Nails

Everything from the Basic Package #1 PLUS  blow dry and de-shed with the nails safely clipped. Drying brings the dead hair to the surface so we can thoroughly brush out and de-shed your pet in order to drastically reduce the amount of hair you'll see in your home! 

Package Three: Full Groom

Everything in Package #2 PLUS a professional haircut done to your specifications 


Stay with your pet!

At Animazing we offer you – our client, the comfort of staying with your pet the entire time to make your pet and you feel more at ease.


Bathing is available without an appointment.

An appointment is required for full grooming that requires a haircut (clipper work) and scissoring. So you are not entirely disappointed we may be able to schedule last minute visits.


Nail clipping is available without an appointment, time permitting.


As you can imagine, final price will depend on the individual pet (i.e. larger/smaller size, coat condition) and prices may be updated without notice. We are happy to confirm the cost before bathing or grooming begins. Many of the pets visiting us have a multi-breed history: the dominant breed (fur/coat wise) is the one generally used (which often turns out to be the higher breed price, but not always).

Additional Services

Tidy Trim - : Trim of Face, Paws, Rear or Legs and sanitary area. This is for the average dog that doesn't need a full haircut but could use a sprucing up.

Nail Clipping, DeSkunking, and Flea Baths. Available for all breeds.

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