Spa and Hours

A spa. For dogs? Well, yeah. Kinda?!

From Wikipedia.... "Spas were used for millennia for their purported healing or healthful benefits to those wealthy enough or close enough to partake of their waters. There has always been a mixture of recreational and medicinal connotations involved, from rest and relaxation, stress relief, and convalescence."

Our goal at Animazing is to provide a safe, comfortable place for your pet to have a warm, cleansing bath, a pawdicure and maybe a trim. Some fussing, lots of petting, and a treat or two.

You’re part of the goal too: we’ll do just about all we can to accommodate you and let you relax. Please stay, have a beverage, read, relax, chat with staff or patrons. If you do need to pop out quickly and finish some errands while we work on your pet, know that you are free to do so. If you do have to go, we ask that you leave us your cell number so we can call you when we're all done. If you can’t be right back be assured that your pet is welcome to hang out and chill with us till you return but please also remember that we are not a doggie daycare -- we do not have waiting or play areas, and we certainly do not have crates for waiting dogs ….. but most of all know that your pet is eagerly waiting for you!



Regular hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm.

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm.

Sunday: 11 am to 4 pm.

Closed Mondays and Statutory Holidays.

Last full bath 30 minutes before closing. Last groom is 2 hours before closing.

Our Kitchener-Waterloo location offers earlier or later grooming appointments as well as Monday appointments - just give them a call. 

Our goal is to accommodate you and your pet as quickly as possible.

Bathing is on a drop-in basis and groom appointments can usually be made for the next day or two. Sometimes we may be able to fit in a groom on the same day.

Full Grooming (haircut!!) is offered only in the Kitchener-Waterloo store.

With our busy lifestyles, and even as caring owners we struggle with fur and nails.  Many "designer" breeds have coats that needs constant attention and few of us walk or exercise our dogs enough to naturally keep nails worn.  An hour or two at Animazing will bring considerable comfort to your dog, and significantly reduce the hair floating around your home and car, at least for a while

We invite you to come by and give us a try!

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