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Our goal is to accommodate you and your pet as quickly as possible. Bathing is walk-in on a first come first served basis. 

Pets that are waiting stay leashed with their owners until we’re ready for them. 

We do not use kennels for waiting pets.   

All our stores are located in residential malls with lots of parking. Bring your pet in on a comfortable leash. When you arrive, we will do our best to come to greet you and your pet. If we're busy, it may take us a moment to get to you as we don't want to leave a dog unattended at the bathing tables, or everyone gets wet! 

Pets are washed at our wash tables with a strap loosely fitted under their belly just ahead of their hind quarters and secured with a tether comfortably around their neck. For senior dogs or dogs that are uncomfortable standing, we use a special harness to offset their weight. 

Since your pet's collar will be removed we can wash it at the same time if you'd like. We use warm water with our "special" rinse free environmentally friendly shampoo already mixed in and then vacuum most of it off. We will wash your pet's face and eyes by hand using a soft cloth soaked in shampoo, and finish off by cleaning the bum area. If your pet's hair is long and is getting clipped we may pre-clip first, then bathe. We will use a wipe to clean the ears. During this process we will clip your pet's nails if they need it. Pets are then blown completely dry. We may put a scarf around your pet's face and ears if it makes them more comfortable while drying. When completely dried, the coat will be brushed out and de-shedded using a series of undercoat rakes. 

For a bath, we'll confirm what you want done and ask about your pet's health and behaviour. Have a seat and relax while we pamper your dog. 

If you're staying, settle in, grab a coffee, tea, juice, or water, and simply relax. If you're dropping your dog off, feel free to arrive a bit earlier and we'll call or text when your pet is done.  

If your dog is barking or growling, we will do our best to calm them down. If not, they will be gently muzzled. 


Tuesday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm. 

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm. 

Sunday: 11 am to 4 pm. 

Closed Mondays and Statutory Holidays. 

Last full bath 30 minutes before closing. 


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