What People Are Saying

Glad that Animazing is now doing grooming! I took my Golden doodle there a few weeks ago for a cut and was very pleased with the results. The groomer was really good with her and I was happy to be able to stay and watch through the whole thing. We will be back!

Liz - Kitchener

If only I could give 5+ stars for the Hamilton store. Have a shepard/huskie cross in the midst of her summer 'molting'. the staff were FANTASTIC. I was more nervous than my dog. they treat every dog/owner that came in as an old friend.

I tried to keep up with aspen's undercoat at home and thought i did a good job. i think there system of getting right down to clean the skin is a huge benefit and aspen is looking beautiful(and about 5lbs lighter from fur removed). highly recommended for anyone dealing with a highly shedding dog.

Sandra - Hamilton

It truly is amazing! My golden retriever cross collie has lot's of hair. She came out so clean and minus half the hair not to mention how confident she became. We stayed with her which is a bonus since she is scared of everything. The staff are so gentle and comforting to the animal. Great experience! We will be going back every few months for maintenance. The cost very reasonable. I agree a better venting system would be beneficial.

Marie - Mississauga

A great service to dog oweners.As a owener of a shetland sheep dog,it is a godsend.Shedding hair and matting is no longer a problem

Jeff - Kitchener

We are frequent visitors, our big guy loves it and it keeps his fur clean and soft.

Great staff that work well with the dogs.

Sonja - Burlington

I brought my 1 1/2 yr old Yellow Lab Samantha in for the first time. We both had a great experience. Tony and Cathy were great. Samantha enjoyed some play time with Oscar too. We will definately be back.

Donna - Hamilton

I took my 2 elderly golden retrievers to the Hamilton location and was thrilled with the results. I could not believe the amount of hair that they removed from the dogs. The staff were wonderful to my old girls!! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Liz - Ancaster

Brought my golden retriever in, he wasn't overly impressed with the entire experience but I sure was! The amount of hair we left behind - my Dyson will thank you! Definitely recommend Animazing and will go back as needed. Thanks!

Jennifer - Kitchener

Just have to look at my dog's smile &contentment as she is enjoying herself.14 years old.Great job by Toni& staff.

Wayne - Durham

This was fun and the best thing is I got to watch! Mocha having severe arthrits had the support of the extra harness and she was comfortable throughout the 15 minute bath and 1/2 hr brush & dry. She is squeaky clean and my house won't need vaccuming as much. What more do I need! I was there when they opened and no waiting!

Barb - Hamilton

Wow....what a great experience we had with our Puggle "Gumba". We've been theire twice now and have had wonderful, caring and loving service from Kathy. She's very friendly and shows her love and affection for dogs. I would highly recommend Animazing to EVERYONE who loves their dog.

Julie - Brantford

I was impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. They are all obvious animal lovers. Hercules thoroughly enjoyed his day at the 'spa'!

Kim - Hamilton

I took my little Golden "Katie" to the Anamazing in Hamilton.

Katie had a pretty rough life before we got her, and she is very timid. The Staff (Kathy,Trish, and Dustin) were just sooooo kind and gentle with her. A really good experience!!!

Recommend to anyone! We will be back.

Linda - Hamilton

Amazing - lots of love, loads of clean and even better NO MESS! No lifting, bending, fighting to keep my dog in the tub. I will return!

Krista - Hamilton

I had brought my pugs to have a bath to the store here in kitchener there before and was truly amazed at how it is done and how they treated my animals. One of my dogs puppies was in a house fire and I went there to ask what to do to help her better and if I could put up a flyer for people to donate towels and sheets to assist me with her care. They were so helpful and kind. I would recommend them to anyone with a dog ... THEY ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!

Brenda - Kitchener, On

We were extremely nervous to bring our German Shepherd Guiness in for a bath as he is not that comfortable around other dogs. The staff were "amazing" in how they handled the dog and how they reassured us. Guiness actually enjoyed having his head and upper body done. The staff at this Upper Wentworth location are truly remarkable. Our dog has never looked so good! I am sure he is missing a few pounds of hair that was effortlessly blown off him. They also trimmed his nails which is a job that both my husband and I hate doing. The nails were long and instead of making us feel like unfit owners, they encouraged us to bring him back in 5 weeks to get them trimmed slowly. They did a great job and we'll be back again. It was worth every penny.

Dianne and George - Hamilton

I was amazed at the results. Titan was a lot of work, but he came out beautiful. They worked hard on him. I was quite pleased with the price also. They are truly amazing. I would definitely recommend their services. I'm totally pleased.

Heather - Kitchener

I have been bringing my Rotti 'Bella' to Animazing since they first opened in Hamilton and she loves it! So much hair comes off her it's crazy. I don't miss the 'wild west hair balls' that float around the floor in my house minutes after vacuuming. I know when I start seeing them again, it's time to bring her back in for a bath and brushing. Friendly staff take their time with the pups -- it is worth it!

Kathy - Hamilton

Hi my owner just took me to Animazing for the first time,i was scared,but i looked 1,0000 times better,i can't wait to tell all me friends about how great everyone was there and how great they tread me and owners..going back in a few months can't wait whoo hoo

Batia - Hamilton

The experience at animazing my dog was a little frigthen at first but became accustom to it very relaxing for me to be there and watch

Tufford - York

I thought that I brushed my Golden Retriever Mr. Wilson quite well... Every day I would get a hand full of fur. But when I saw the amount of fur the staff at Animazing removed from Wilson after his Oxy Bath... I could not believe it. He looks great and he knows it. Never again will I struggle to try and make him look good now that I have found this team of dog loving grooms at Burlington's Animazing. At one point, Watching all the attention given to Wilson reminded me of The Cowardly Lion in the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. What a Great Team, Thanks so much.

Gord - Burlington

Animazing works wonders on our chocolate lab - it removes tons of loose hair that I would otherwise have to vacuum up at home, leaves his coat silky and soft and, best of all, leaves him odourless for at least a few weeks (or until he finds something nasty to roll in again).

Lydia - Oakville

We took our 4yr old pug and 14 week pug puppy today. They both look great and smell alot less like dog. My criticism is that I felt the pricing was rather high. They charged us $19.95 for the puppy and they shampooed him only for about 2 minutes and did not brush or dry him. It seemed more worth it for the 4yr old and they removed a ton of hair from her. I think it would be worth it once maybe twice a year for a really good cleaning but other than that our tub works just fine!

Sara & Dale - Hamilton

Took my dog there last week,and i was so happy to see the friendly staff. Very surprised to see the amount of hair that came out. My doggy and I will deffinetly be back!

Shannon - Hamilton

I got a coupon for 20% off awhile back and decided to use it today! i had no idea what the whole system was like but the friendly young girls explained it to me, they really loved my dog and he loved them too! very polite, kind and hard working girls, they did an amazing job! i'm stunned by the amount of hair that came out!

Annie - Hamilton

Wow!! I took my dog there ( Hamilton location) and couldn't believe the service, very friendly, and the hair that came out of my dog was animazing!! These people truly love dogs!

Heather - Hamilton

I would highly recommend Animazing Upper Wentworth location. My sheltie Ceilidh hates baths but Shelley the Sheltie lady's friendly behaviour calmed her down and she did a terrific job brushing and shampooing her. The system is very efficent and allows the owner to be with their dog which is comforting for the dog and owner. They treat the animals like their own. We will be back!

Terry - Hamilton

I took my Golden Retriever there today and it was great! THe staff is super friendly and I was amazed at how clean she was after! She is a shade lighter than when she went in!

Stefanie - Kitchener

We were very happy with the results of Copper's shampoo, however we do not agree with your pricing. Although Bernese Mountain Dogs vary in size, as all breeds, they are generally not larger or hairier than a Golden Retriever. Copper actually has a cousin Golden Retriever and he is much larger and hairier than him. We think you should reconsider the pricing on this breed.

Jerry - Stoney Creek

Only went there because I wanted to be able to stay with my dog but ended up loving the whole experience. Very clean operation and I can't believe the amount of hair they got out of him.

Jim - Hamilton

Awesome job! My Brittany has NEVER been this clean!

Tim - Kitchener

No smell on my pup for a month now! awesome!!

Jeff - Hamilton

The service is great! I was just there yesterday (the 1 in Burlington) the girl even showed me how to take care of my golden retriever's ear infection (I've been using stuff from the vet but I wasn't happy with it). I was more than impressed by her enthusiasm when I walked in the door, it had been as though I had been in a thousand times before when really it was my first! GREAT EXPERIENCE for myself and my dog really loves the whole system and the staff! quick summary, great staff, great system, great products, great staff!!

Christina F - Grimsby

Firstly I must say that I was very pleased with the friendly young girl who greeted me at the door and prompty discussed the whole system with me, she let me know that the whole "bathing" process takes about 5-15 mins depending on the breed of my dog but the blow drying and brushing takes additional time. I was okay with that! So, I came back later that day with my lab x and the same girl bathed her, dried her and brushed her out in little to no time at all! she did an amazing job! animazing in burlington rocks!

Amanda - Burlington

Great results but with the 1.5 hour wait plus the time it took to do the job the afternoon was shot. For that reason I probably won't go again! P.s. - They really need some exhaust fans in there as there was a constant fog of dog dander & hair in the air.

John - Binbrook

Cool place! Waited 20 mins on a real busy day (Saturday). Nice kid took 25 mins to bath and dry and brush out my Lab. Dog turned out incredible. Less than an hour and I got to keep him company. I'll be back.

George - Hamilton

Just took my dog into Animazing for his first animazing bath. I had been taking him to another well known pet bath facility in Burl. but because of his high anxiety issues no one wanted to deal with bathing him anymore. So off to animazing we go. I explained his issues to the Burlington Animazing bath team, they were fine with him. The older gentleman was extremely good with Deeter and my dog seemed to take to him. During his bath he was still very high strung and loud whining but calmer than he ever was at the other bath centre. The bath technics they use are really Animazing and you have to take your dog there to believe it! No more dog smell and a brilliant shine when they were finished. Also I mentioned that Deeter has alot of trouble with ear infections and the vet still has not been able resolved the issues as we have bought alot of meds. to try clearing it up. The Animazing team suggested I try the product they sell and said if it doesn't work bring it back to! get your money back. It costs around $14.00 but if it works I would have paid more. So, tune into my review in a month or so to se if it works. Ive already booked Deeters next bath because I was so impressed with the Animazing Burl team!

Val- Flamborough

Excellent service, price and quality! My big timid dog was calm and clean.

Tracey - Hamilton

We took our three huskies to the new store in Kitchener and they never looked so good!!! They weren't stressed at all - our oldest one who was 12 didn't mind the bath and blow dry and our youngest one who is 7 months actually dosed off!! It was an excellent experience and one we will be experiencing over and over again!!!!!

Kerry - Kitchener

I couldn't wait to bring my dog Skye in after I heard about Animazing. When I came to their location in Burlington, I was very impressed because the staff was friendly and very patient with Skye. Skye has a problem with separation anxiety so it was really good that I got to be near him. While the groomer was washing Skye with the machine I was amazed by the difference and I didn't even think his fur was that dirty until I saw the dirty being sucked out. I really like the fact that the Pure Oxygen shampoo was so fresh smelling without perfume. Perfume gives me headaches and it makes Skye very itchy. But he came out smelling better than when the other groomers use their scented shampoos and when he got home he didn't scratch at all!! That was completely different from my experience after taking him to be groomed at other places. Then when the lady blow dried him, he was so fluffy and clean and cute! It was awesome!

Kathy (Skye) - Burlington

This place is spectacular. My dog is super clean and doesnt smell. :D

Harrison - Hamilton

This is just what we need. Great custumer service it's quick and they did a wonderful job. My dog LOVED it!

Julia - Burlington

Wow, what can I say about this place... It's a god-send, I finally have a clean dog, right down to the skin and even better I don't have to vacuum my husky every day like I used to! Thanks Animazing!

Catherine - Hamilton

This is quite an Animazing service I couldn't believe how quickly the staff at this store took charge of cleaning my dog even though he can be at times a handful, especially with strangers, and the hair they took out of him was astonishing!

Paul - Hamilton

It is so nice not to tie up a full day for bathing our dog like in the past. Our Bull Mastiff has been to Animazing several times enjoying it more and more each. His hair loss has around the house has almost totally gone. We have also had many comments on how he has no doggie smell. It truely is aniamzing

Sharon - Flamborough

My Border Collie x Spaniel ~ Lily is shedding so much I swear we have enough fur to make another dog. We went to Animazing and they worked their magic. Now that other dog Lily was shedding is going to have to find another dog to get her smelly fir from. Lilly looks good, feels good and best of all smells good. Thanks for a great job!

Toni - Stoney Creek

Our Siberian Husky Molson has never looked so good for so little time and money.

Dean and Lynn - Hamilton

Great results, excellent service.

Bill - Burlington

It was an amazing experience. The staff were wonderful and our two dogs really enjoyed their baths. Thanks

Colleen - Stoney Creek

Brought my husky there - results are fantastic and customer service is great.

Jane - Burlington

Obie is now seven years old and has suffered from at times severe skin problems due to allergies starting when he was about a year old. He has gone through numerous medication including allergy shots and has been seeing a dermatologist at the university for about 4 years now. Last year I took him to a naturopathic vet and changed his diet and he started to get better. As soon as the spring weather started to come in we could see some of the skin issues returning. My dermatologist was great! He understood that I did not want to give him more medication and started telling me about Animazing and how great it was and it was all natural. The university helped me set up a time to take Obie and check it out. Obie has been going regularly, for a couple of weeks every day and a few weeks later we cannot believe the difference that this has made in him! We have also added the supplement ‘TheraCoat’ to his food. His coat is so shiny and all his sores and dry skin has gone. His bald patches have filled in and he is altogether a much happier dog! I honestly believe that if Obie with his severe skin problems could get better, then it can make a difference in any dog. We went to the Kitchener location and the staff are also truly amazing – they make a fuss of Obie each time and he loves it! We highly recommend a visit!

Parveen - Kitchener

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